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Welcome to Coffee Homes

Housing Solutions for Coffee Farming Communities

In Honduras, approximately 110,000 families rely on coffee production for their livelihoods. Many of these families live in rural areas and lack access to basic services such as clean water, electricity, and sanitation. As a result, they often live in substandard housing conditions, which can have negative impacts on their health and well-being. In Colombia, coffee production is also a critical part of the economy, providing employment for over 500,000 families. However, many coffee worker families in Colombia face similar challenges to those in Honduras, with limited access to basic services and inadequate housing conditions.

We partner with individuals, groups, coffee shops, roasters, and others in the coffee industry to build homes for those who produce the coffee we enjoy. In many countries, coffee workers are laboring in difficult conditions for very low wages that are seasonal, leaving them struggling to provide for their families. Many live in very inadequate housing conditions. Like all families, they have a dream of a home where they can build a bright future. Together we can help them realize that dream.

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Our Keys to Success & Scaling

  • We partner with farm owners, community leaders, business leaders, and government officials who are willing to cooperate with the overseeing of the building of homes. 

  • We partner with compassionate and generous donors (You, your friends, your business, your coffee shop) to donate money or sponsor a family to build them a home.

  • Coffee Homes connects #1 and #2 and facilitates a great build experience for everyone.

The Process

Coffee Homes staff and volunteers respectfully interview and identify those in need of housing. After qualifying families we seek to partner those families with individuals, groups, coffee shops, etc who want to sponsor a home. When the money has been raised we go to work facilitating the building of a culturally relevant and durable home along with the local build coordinator and recipient family.

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