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About Us

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About Us

Paying it Forward / Enjoying the Adventure

As a leadership team, we have a deep love for people, adventure, travel, different cultures, and coffee. We have had the privilege of traveling to places such as Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Honduras, Colombia, and beyond, and during our travels, we have witnessed firsthand the poverty and need for housing that exists in so many communities. We have been moved by the struggles of those who are less fortunate, and as a result, we have responded by building close to 200 homes for those in need.

Through our new initiative, Coffee Homes, we are focusing our efforts on helping the peasant coffee workers who plant, care for, and harvest the coffee we all enjoy. These workers often live in poverty and struggle to provide even the basic necessities of life for their families. They dream of having a safe and strong home where they can raise their children, but the reality is often far from this.

Our mission at Coffee Homes is to provide as many struggling coffee workers as possible with a safe and secure home. We want to partner with compassionate and responsible individuals, coffee shops, and related businesses who share our vision of giving back to the people who make the coffee world possible. We believe that the resources needed to provide homes for these workers exist within the coffee community, and we hope to inspire others to invest in the future of coffee and its workers.

We regularly receive requests from farmers and community leaders around the world who want to help facilitate our program for their workers. We see a great need and opportunity to make a difference, and we hope to connect with these like minded people as others hear the call and respond with us to workers around the world. We believe that by working together, we can make a real impact in the lives of those who need it most.

Please join us in this important mission. Together, we can make the dream of having a safe and strong home a reality for coffee worker families.

Our Leadership Team

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Tom Hackett

Coffee Homes Founder

My Coffee Homes Story


Jesikah Perez

Founder - Behind The Bean

Coffee Homes Advisor


"A debt free home is a "life changer" providing dignity, security, peace of mind, and a fresh start. I love being a part of making that happen for each one of our recipient families."

Tom Hackett - Coffee Homes Founder and Director

“Caring for the poor is lending to the Lord, and you will be well repaid.”


 Proverbs 19:17

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Coffee Homes is a project of Players Philanthropy Fund (PPF), a 501(c)(3) public charity, provides back-office administration via Fiscal Sponsorship for 475+ charitable projects nationwide, With PPF, you avoid the hassles of managing your own foundation as PPF oversees financial administrative matters and ensures best practices in compliance. Additionally, PPF understands that every charitable dollar matters, which is why PPF offers the lowest fee for fiscal sponsorship in the industry!


PPF enables philanthropists to create a dedicated charitable project that can accept tax-deductible contributions to support qualified charitable mission(s). PPF is the proud sponsor of charitable initiatives for philanthropists including private individuals, athletes, entertainers, corporations, and other entities.

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