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5 ways your coffee-related business can benefit from building homes for coffee workers.

Updated: May 22, 2023

We partner with individuals, groups, coffee shops, roasters, and others in the coffee industry to build homes for those who produce the coffee we enjoy. In many countries, coffee workers are laboring in difficult conditions for very low wages that are seasonal, leaving them struggling to provide for their families. Many live in very inadequate housing conditions. Like all families, they have a dream of a home where they can build a bright future. Together we can help them realize that dream.

  1. Improved reputation: When a coffee shop or coffee related business raises money to build homes for coffee worker families, it sends a message to their customers that the coffee shop or related coffee business cares about the people and communities that produce their coffee. This can improve the coffee shop's or coffee-related business reputation and make it more appealing to socially conscious consumers.

  2. Increased customer loyalty: Customers who share a business's values and beliefs are more likely to become loyal customers. Sponsoring a home or raising money for a coffee worker family can help create a deeper connection between a coffee shop and its customers, leading to increased loyalty.

  3. Positive word-of-mouth: When customers see a coffee shop or coffee-related business doing good in the community, they are more likely to share their positive experiences with others. This can lead to increased word-of-mouth advertising and attract new customers to the coffee shop or related business.

  4. Access to unique marketing opportunities: Sponsoring a home or being involved in raising donations for coffee worker families can create unique marketing opportunities. For example, the coffee shop or coffee-related business could feature the Coffee Homes and their story on their website or social media, which can attract positive attention and generate buzz.

  5. Increased employee engagement: Employees who work for a coffee shop or coffee-related business that sponsors a home or encourages donations for building coffee worker homes may feel a stronger connection to their work and employer. This can lead to increased employee engagement and job satisfaction, which can ultimately improve the coffee shop's or coffee-related business's bottom line.

Send me information about how I can help raise donations or sponsor a home.

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