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The housing crisis among coffee workers.

Updated: May 15, 2023

Being from the Pacific Northwest where coffee is a life-sustaining necessity you would think that I would have been more aware of the industry and the people that provide the coffee we all enjoy. Like so many, I managed to be completely unaware most of my life.

Because of my "job" over the past few years, I have traveled extensively in Honduras and Colombia getting to know the countries and their people. In the process, I fell, in love with several coffee communities and have received quite an eye-opening education about the realities of life for the workers who provide us with our amazing coffee. The beautiful locations, the manner in which coffee is grown, the symbiotic relationships between farmers and their workers, and the unique communities that exist to facilitate the whole process are amazing and certainly worth a visit. As a result of my travels and because of my desire to help the poor I am now focused on engaging with the global coffee community and working towards mobilizing coffee drinkers, coffee shops, and coffee-related corporations to help those who are in desperate need of housing.

Coffee lovers, coffee shops, and coffee-related companies can play a vital role in improving the housing conditions for coffee workers. There are several ways to do so. You can partner with us at Coffee Homes and sponsor one or many homes. Another important and helpful way to get involved as a key facilitator is by joining our Core Mission Team enabling us to cover our administrative and growth-related expenses as we expand into additional countries. It will be a rewarding experience together as we provide debt free homes to very poor families. Please contact us if you are interested in being a part of making a difference in the lives of coffee workers and their families.

Additional resources

Jose Mardú Rodriguez of Finca Santa Martha, San Andrés, Lempira, Honduras presenting keys to the Cortez -Vasquez family.

This is one of our home designs. We change the plan based on family needs, available materials and labor, and local building styles. We include a waste water septic system with each home.

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