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Extreme Coffee Home - The Garcia/Barranca family.

Extreme Coffee!

We named it the Extreme Coffee Home due to the remote location and the challenging logistics of transporting the materials to the construction site.

The house was built in the Sierra Nevada mountains above the city of Ciénaga in the northern department of Magdalena. The coffee farms in this region are remote and characterized by steep slopes and lush vegetation. The landscape is impressive. Most of the coffee workers and their families live in very precarious conditions. The work coordinator was the father of the family Roberto Robinson. As a motivated owner and builder, he managed more than 70 trips down the mountain by burrow, hauling material and then building the house. With the help of some neighbors, Nancy and her children now live in a very nice house perched on a ledge surrounded by beautiful landscaping. The family is delighted to live in such a nice home. Lucía, the youngest daughter wrote…

“Thanks to God and to the people who donated the money to make our dream of having a beautiful house come true. I think that in that house I will spend the best life. I really like the bathroom inside the house. I think that with such a beautiful house I will have a better quality of life. I think you are very good with us. Thank you very much and may God bless you forever for helping us."

The mother, Nancy recently wrote...

"I love it here! Thank God and everyone who made this a reality for our family."

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