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Partnerships are the Key to Success.

Updated: May 19, 2023

Keys to Success & Scaling

  1. In order to build more homes in more countries we partner with federal and state governments when possible, as well as associations, local community leaders, and local farm owners to strategize and coordinate the building of the homes as they partner with local suppliers and labor.

  2. In order to finance the homes we partner with coffee shops and related businesses to leverage the circles of influence they have to encourage generous donors among their employees and customers to fund homes for families in need of housing.

  3. And Coffee Homes partners with existing like-minded and purposed nonprofit organizations in the countries where the homes are to be built.

Your Coffee Shop Can Sponsor A Home

A combination of a nonprofit home-building organization ( , coffee farm owners, and coffee shops can create a mutually beneficial partnership if they team up to build homes for coffee farm workers. Coffee Homes brings the expertise needed to construct affordable and sustainable homes.

The coffee farm owners provide the necessary oversight of the construction of the homes, and by partnering with coffee shops, the initiative can benefit from increased awareness and fundraising opportunities among the coffee drinking community.

Tatiana (Recipient) and Nefertiti Corcahado (Colombia Staff)

Coffee shops can promote the partnership and increase customer loyalty by supporting ethical and sustainable initiatives within the industry. Additionally, the initiative can create a positive reputation and increase social responsibility for the coffee farms, which can improve their business and relationships with the wider community. By providing stable and secure housing for their workers, coffee farms can increase worker loyalty and productivity, leading to a more sustainable and profitable business in the long term. Overall, the partnership between Coffee Homes building organization, coffee farm owners, and coffee shops can create a powerful impact on the lives of coffee workers and their families, while also improving the sustainability and reputation of the coffee industry as a whole.

Let's talk about how your coffee shop or business can sponsor a home for a coffee worker's family.

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