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My Coffee Homes Story

Updated: May 16, 2023

As a result of a lot of travel and living experiences, the provision of God, and the generosity of many people my family has benefited greatly by the provision of housing. We have lived in Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Arizona, and Colorado, Mazatlan Mexico, and Roatan Honduras. We have experienced extraordinary circumstances and miracles that have provided a rich and full life. In particular, the provision of housing has been amazing. As a response, I have included in my life mission helping other families with the provision of a home where dignity and hope can help shape the future of their lives.

I began focusing on building homes in 2009 and since have had the pleasure of facilitating 200+ homes for poor families in Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, and Colombia. It has been amazing to meet and collaborate with more people than I can count in the process. As the opportunity to care and to respond to the needs of others thousands of people have been involved through giving and going to build homes. People are amazing! The very real experience of sharing and loving has been remarkable.

Along the way, I was introduced to the land, people, culture, and business of coffee. I was moved by the amazing life and dynamics of the coffee world and was challenged by the poverty of the common worker. Along with my own desire to help the poor, my friends encouraged me to get involved with providing homes for coffee workers on the farms in Honduras and Colombia and now I am hooked. I am focused on building homes for coffee workers and wanting to expand to additional countries. Invitations by coffee farmers far and wide are coming in wanting to be involved.

This is where you come in...

I believe the resources to build the homes are within the coffee community. I am counting on and looking forward to mobilizing coffee lovers, coffee shops, roasters, and all those in the supply chain and related businesses of coffee to participate. There is an affinity and sense of justice in the coffee world. The life, work, and all things related to coffee seem to have a culture of wanting to do right by those who make coffee available to us but it can be complicated to find meaningful expressions of how to best be of help where there is need. I want to complete the circle of concern and hope for justice in our community by mobilizing the people and financial resources within our community to build thousands of homes in as many countries as there are needs. I believe that together we can do something significant and show genuine concern and love along the way. I am looking forward to a creative and abundant future for our community as we get creative about meeting the needs of the neediest among us.


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