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Candidate Families

The Process

Coffee Homes volunteers respectfully interview and identify those in need of a home. We then seek to partner those families with individuals, groups, coffee shops, etc who want to sponsor a home. When the money has been raised we go to work facilitating the building of a culturally relevant and durable home along with a local build coordinator and the recipient family.

Funding a Home

We fund the building of the homes through donations  given by compassionate and generous donors like yourself.

“Earn your success based on service to others, not at the expense of others.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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Angelina's Family

Marcala, Honduras

In a quaint little town within Marcala, Honduras, nestled among coffee trees, resides Angelina Nicolas Gonzalez and her children. Their tale is one etched with resilience and hope, yet burdened by the weight of circumstance.

Angelina's daughter, Alicia, at 24, is a beacon of determination. She is currently pursuing her dreams in the halls of nursing school, all while shouldering the responsibility of being a nanny. Her days are long, her nights are longer, but her spirit remains unyielding.

Meanwhile, David, at the age of 12, dreams of a future adorned with opportunity. His aspirations reside within the walls of education, envisioning a path that leads to a bright future, working within a bank. And beside him stands Woirmer, 18 and weathered by the demands of life. Though no longer attending school, he toils tirelessly in the realm of construction.

Their home, a sanctuary on Angelina's parents' property, whispers stories of generations past. She shares the property amongst her mother, and siblings, on top of a luscious green mountain surrounded by nature.

And then there's John, a figure weathered by years of labor in the unforgiving embrace of factory construction. For over a decade and a half, he poured his sweat and dedication into the industry, until the detrimental effects of lead poisoning crept into his life. Six months of rest turned into a battle for survival as his once-strong body faltered under the weight of illness. The toxic fumes he breathed daily stole his breath, robbed his strength, and cast a shadow over their once-stable livelihood.

In the depths of their struggle, Angelina became the sole guardian of their home. Angelina's daily routine is one of endurance and dedication as she walks for hours to work, then back home to accompany her child to school, only to repeat the journey in the evening to bring him safely home. But beneath her unwavering facade lies a heart heavy with worry, a soul burdened by the fear of what tomorrow may bring.

As they share their story, there is the lingering feeling of worry and sadness. They dream of a bright future for their children, but the reality of their circumstances leaves their situation nearly hopeless.

For Angelina and her children, each day is a testament to the power of resilience, a testament to the enduring strength of the human spirit. And as they stand at the crossroads of hardship and hope, they cling to the belief that, with a little kindness and compassion, their dream of a safe and sound home can become a reality.

The Diaz / Lopez Family

San Andrés, Honduras


Among the clouds, in a small town called San Andrés, Honduras, lives a family united by love. He meets Robert Díaz and María López, the hearts of his family, along with his four children: Olben, Minor, Darwin and Jelcin.

Her story is one of resilience and perseverance, but tinged with the pain of hardship. Olben, 13 years old, the oldest, dreams of a future as an engineer. But for now, his youthful shoulders carry the weight of responsibility as he works in the coffee and agricultural fields.Last September, tragedy struck his humble home.


Mary, the pillar of his household, fell ill and her strength diminished under the weight of the illness. Around the same time, Olben broke his hand. Both unforeseen hardships that resulted in a financial burden. His once stable livelihood was suddenly at risk.


In their hour of need, they turned to Mardu, the owner of the coffee farm where Robert works. With a heart overflowing with compassion, Mardu extended a helping hand, offering his aid in his darkest hour.


But her trials didn't end there. Within the weak walls of his home, another silent battle rages. The dust-laden air becomes a daily concern as it seeps into the lungs of his youngest son, Darwin. Coughing attacks frequently occur, often accompanied by blood. His family is looking for a solution and has taken him to the emergency room three times, but no luck.


His home, a symbol of love and shelter, is worn by the elements. Its fragile walls offer little resistance to the whims of nature, leaving them at the mercy of wind and rain. Insects and spiders often hide within walls and ceilings, another difficulty caused by the weak shelter in which they reside.


For Robert and Maria, each day is a testament to the family's unbreakable bond, a reminder that, together, they can weather any storm. No matter the circumstances, the family remains hopeful and dreams of a safe future within the stable walls of Coffee Home.

The Rodriquez / Amaya Family

San Andrés, Honduras

In the small town of San Andrés, Honduras, lives a family whose story is linked to hope. Meet Jacobo Rodríguez and María Amaya, the pillars of their home, along with his three beautiful children: Enangun, José and little Jacobo Jr.

  11-year-old Enangun dreams of wearing a police uniform and his youthful spirit is fueled by the desire to serve and protect. Meanwhile, 9-year-old José dreams of pursuing a career as an engineer, and his mind is filled with visions of innovation. And then there is Jacobo Jr., the youngest of 4 years old, whose laughter fills his home with joy and he enjoys playing with the chicks.

Jacobo, a man from the countryside, has been working since he was 15 years old. Four years ago, he found himself harvesting coffee and has done so every season since. His job is to help pick the ripe cherries and prepare them for processing. And at her side is Maria, a loving mother and companion, who tirelessly dedicates her time to caring for her family and her home.

But her sanctuary, although built on a foundation of love, is not without its trials. The harsh conditions of nature come to their humble home, and its fragile walls offer little resistance to the biting cold of frigid temperatures. Outdoor factors like dirt and bugs make their way into the place you call home.

As a result of home conditions, little Jacobo Jr. sometimes finds himself confined to a hospital bed, his small chest heaving under the weight of the cruel symptoms of asthma. He has been hospitalized three times and his condition has only worsened. And yet, beyond their fears about his health, his family remains hopeful of finding a solution. Currently, he clings to his only source of relief: an inhaler, a temporary solution.

For Jacobo and María, every day is an uphill battle, overcome by the lasting power of resilience. As they navigate the growing causes of hardship, they hold on to the belief that, with a little kindness and compassion, their future can be bright and their family can be healthy.

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