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An open appeal to the coffee community to care, share, and get involved.

Updated: Feb 12


As members of the thriving coffee community, we recognize the immense contributions and hard work of coffee workers in bringing us the delightful coffee we enjoy every day. These dedicated individuals invest their time, energy, and passion into cultivating and harvesting the beans that fuel our mornings and invigorate our afternoons. However, many of them face significant challenges when it comes to finding suitable housing. Today I invite the entire coffee community to come together and make a difference by supporting Coffee Homes—a movement aimed at providing safe and sustainable housing for coffee workers.

The Housing Challenge:

Despite their vital contributions to the multi-billion-dollar coffee industry, many coffee workers find themselves in financially vulnerable positions, unable to access proper housing. Inadequate shelters lacking essential amenities such as clean water, electricity, and sanitation facilities become their reality. Coffee Homes was founded with the vision to alleviate this housing crisis, improve their quality of life, and ensure the sustainability of the industry we all cherish. However, we cannot accomplish this mission alone—we need your support and involvement.

Join the Coffee Homes Movement:

To the coffee shop owners, suppliers, baristas, and coffee enthusiasts alike, we invite you to participate in creating a more equitable coffee industry. At Coffee Homes, we have initiated a home funding campaign program that allows your coffee shop and other coffee-related businesses to facilitate the raising of funds for coffee homes without incurring any costs (see this link). Additionally, we encourage creative ideas and collaborative efforts that can further impact the lives of coffee workers and promote justice along the coffee-producing chain. Supporting and partnering with Coffee Homes is an investment in families and the long-term sustainability of our beloved industry.

Please join me - Tom Hackett, Founder of Coffee Homes:

My name is Tom Hackett, and I serve as the founder and director of Coffee Homes. Over the years, I have dedicated myself to facilitating the construction of over 200 homes in Mexico, Honduras, Cuba, and Colombia through another organization I established in 2009. With Coffee Homes focus on building homes for coffee workers, we have successfully built 15 coffee homes in Honduras and Colombia. This is just the beginning. As Coffee Homes continues to receive requests to be in additional countries I am seeking donations to support our core mission, cover administrative costs, and our development budget as we look to expand our reach into additional countries.

I invite you to become part of this special journey by considering being an investor/donor and becoming part of our "Core Mission Fund Team" with the goal of raising a donor base that enables us to cover our Core Mission expenses which then would enable every cent of a donation for a home to go to purchasing materials and facilitating the build in the country where the workers are located. If you are interested in becoming a part of our “Core Mission Team” please contact me: Call/WhatsApp +1 623 521-9742 LinkedIn or email:


Please consider partnering with us as a way to give back to the unsung heroes of our industry, to help balance the scales of justice, and to work towards a more sustainable and equitable coffee industry. It's time we ensure that every link in the coffee chain is robust and prosperous.


Here are 2 ways to get involved beginning today.

  1. Join our Core Mission Team by giving to our administrative and development expenses.

  2. Coffee Shops - Start a home funding campaign that involves your customers.

You can donate today by scanning the QR code with your phone camera and making a donation today.

Or go to this linked donation site:

Choose from the giving options in the drop-down designation box.

  1. Core Missions fund. - Development / Administration

  2. General House Donation - Help fund the building of a home.

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